Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting is Easily Adjusted

A great added benefit with low voltage outdoor lighting is that it can easily be adjusted to fit the changing landscape or property.  Here is one good example of what I mean.  Recently, one of our clients contacted us regarding the back yard installation we did for him about a year ago.  Originally, we highlighted their beautiful deck with our solid copper deck lights

Copper Deck Light

 and large oak trees with our angled well lights.  The homeowners were ready to add the pool to their back yard they always wanted, but were concerned with how the pool construction might damage the outdoor lighting system already in place.  We assured them it was easy! Our plan of attack was in two stages.  First, we removed six well lights that we had up lighting large oak trees in the back. 

Well Light

The lights were stored in the homeowner’s garage until they were ready for us to re-install them.  We also pulled up the wire we initially used on the installation; this would also be used to wire the lights when the homeowner was ready for us to come back and highlight the new look of the back yard.  Once the construction was complete and the new landscape was put in, our second stage could begin.  We were called back to the home to determine the best placement for the tree lights that had been stored in the garage.  I was able to do a small demonstration for the homeowners and show them how our tree lights would highlight the oaks which were now “framing” the pool.  Not only did the light from the fixtures highlight the trees, but it also reflected light around the pool softly illuminating a lovely water feature.  The original lights and wire were re-installed, easily feeding into the existing transformer.  Our homeowners are thrilled!  We were able to reconfigure a new lighting plan for our homeowners which only cost them a minimal labor charge.

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