Lighting Control Automation Enhances Security

With Spring Break upon us, and summer just around the corner, many families are beginning to do some traveling.  If you are like me, I tend to worry about my property while I am gone.  Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is proud to be the only landscape lighting company to offer a timer that can not only control the lighting system outside, but control lights on the inside.  Our state of the art Lighting Control Automation (LCA) can be programmed to offer a multitude of options.

Many of our clients use the LCA because of the fact that it is a set-it and forget-it type of control.  Once the longitude and latitude of your home is programmed into the timer and appliance module, the timer recognizes when sunset occurs every day of every year.  The true beauty in this system is that the timer calculates for time changes and Leap Year.  With a back up to the system, even with power outages, the timer stays programmed.  You can be sure that your landscape lights will come on every night.

Our LCA timer system also has components that can be added to the interior of a home.  We can easily replace a switch with an LCA switch and program the timer to turn on this switch at a designated time.  For example, I installed a new switch to operate my garage lights.  Now, they come on every night at the same time as my landscape lights and I never drive up to a dark garage.  The safety that this offers is huge!  Other switches can be replaced and the timer system can be programmed to turn them on and off several times a night making it appear as if someone is home and walking through the house. 

Another great option is to have a plug replaced with one of our LCA plugs. Whatever is plugged into that spot will turn on when the timer turns on the plug whether it be a lamp, radio, or even a television. 

This system can truly help automate your home so that even when you are gone, it appears as if someone is home.

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