Sometimes it’s hard to tell when your bulbs get dim

San Antonio home with all new halogen outdoor lighting bulbs

San Antonio home with all new halogen outdoor lighting bulbs

Did you ever replace a bulb in your house – say that’s one of a row of bulbs and then you’re amazed at how dull the others have become? When change happens slowly over time, we don’t realize the total effect. Then, we’re stuck in a situation where the new bulb makes the others look weak in comparison. Then, while you’re happy that the refreshed bulb looks so good and you remember how dramatic the lighting effect used to be but you can’t have just one that looks good.

I can think of so many times this has happened with my house. Over time, things slowly deteriorate but we don’t notice because it happens slowly. I’ve had my downstairs carpet for the better part of 10 years. Recently my dog came in with muddy paws and took one big step on the carpet before I shooshed her away back out to get her paws clean.

halogen par-36 bulb

halogen par-36 bulb

I brought in the spot cleaner and did a heavy-duty clean on that spot only to remove the cleaner and realize that spot was so much cleaner than the rest of the rug that it made the whole rug look bad in comparison. Then what was I to do? Well, since replacing the carpet isn’t going to happen immediately, I did the best I could do. I took a scrub brushed and generally “spread the clean” into the surrounding carpet so there wasn’t this random clean spot on the rug:).

You’d probably be surprised to know that halogen outdoor lighting bulbs are still burning a year after they are installed but like all bulbs, they have dimmed significantly. That’s why when we do the annual maintenance, we replace every single bulb. We can’t have a random bright spot. Even if we went out to the home and replaced a bulb that had gone bad a month earlier, we still replace it again.

Halogen Par 36 Bulb

Halogen Par 36 Bulb

It’s part of the annual maintenance plan. Here’s what it includes.

  • Replace every single bulb
  • Make sure lines are re-buried
  • Trim light landscaping around fixtures
  • Make sure effect of light is what it is when first installed
  • Check all wiring inside transformer, make sure all voltages are still correct, make sure it’s up to par – ants can get in there in warmer climates such as San Antonio
  • Re-configure any timing settings they need
  • Re-train customer on timer

Our annual maintenance plan also includes coming out at no charge to fix anything that might go wrong throughout the year. Give us a ring if you need service on either our system or even a competitor’s system.

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