Were fire ants named that because they can start fires?

Well, it’s that time of year again. Actually, you might have missed it. Fall is already here with not a lot of fanfare and with high temperatures still topping the scales near 90 degrees, it certainly doesn’t feel like fall is around the corner.

Well light glass lens covers

Well light glass lens covers

But it is time to start thinking about winterizing – to whatever degree (no pun intended) we need to winterize in San Antonio. If you have outdoor lighting – particularly well lights, it’s a really good time to start thinking about adding lens covers for the fall and winter.

As you can see to the left, leaves and debris can get into your well lighting fixtures. Normally, this only causes a the illuminated area to have shadows or to appear a little less illuminated – depending on the amount of foliage that might have fallen into the fixture. This can be fixed by removing the foliage.

But sometimes, our native fire ants will get into the fixture and build a nest. This dirt in the fixture can short out the fixture, or even worse – start a fire.

The solution on both counts is very simple and really inexpensive considering the alternative. It’s a permanent solution also so it will keep everything else off your fixture bulbs including grass, snow and any other debris.

Glass lens covers for well lights

Glass lens covers for well lights

We sell glass lens covers for your fixtures. We have the covers for both the flat edged well lights and the angled edge well lights.  You don’t even need to have someone come out to install them. We are having a fall holiday special. Feel free to call your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office and either have them deliver and install or just order then lens covers and have them shipped to you.

Normally the covers are $25/each but through the holidays, we are offering them for only $21 per cover for either sizes.

We look forward to hearing from you. Give us a ring at 830-624-1300.

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