The perfect Christmas gift for that hard-to-buy-for spouse

San Antonio outdoor lighting

San Antonio outdoor lighting

Have you seen those Christmas commercials where the husband covers his wife’s eyes, walks her down the front lawn and over in front of the garage and then opens up the garage door for the surprise? Behind the garage door is a brand new luxury vehicle with a gigantic red bow on top.

Although, that would truly be very nice, especially right now, it’s about the worst big gift to buy. We all know that cars lose 20+% of their value just driving them off the lot. So let’s say that luxury vehicle is $35,000 and they’ve thrown in the big red bow for free. You’ve just lost $7,000 on the ride home.

San Antonio garden lighting

San Antonio garden lighting

What is the perfect gift for your spouse? Gifts for the home are always a great idea. But husbands have made the mistake of buying a tool for their “home” gift. And wives have made the mistake of buying something for the kitchen as the “home” gift. Yes, this is overly stereotypical but the idea is that the perfect gift for the home needs to be something that’s not only enjoyed by the recipient but also by the gift giver and the whole family.

And, if you’re willing to make an investment to buy a truly special gift for your house, why not get a financial return on that investment. Why not add outdoor lighting?

Outdoor lighting…

makes your home safer

makes your home more beautiful

allows you to spend more time outdoors at night

The real return on investment will be all the future memories you can have of lingering over a wonderful dinner eaten on your now illuminated back deck. Or, light the area around your pool and sit out at a pool table at night watching the reflection of the evening sky on the water.

Give us a call and we will come out to visit you and show you what your home will actually look like with real outdoor lighting structures. If you like it, we order, install and service it for you. We can also work with your schedule if you want to make it a surprise gift.

Give the gift of outdoor lighting this Christmas.

(830) 624 – 1300

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