Tree lighting is not just for Christmas

Tree lighting San Antonio

Tree lighting San Antonio

I’ve been designing and installing outdoor architectural and landscape lighting for years. But one of my favorite types of outdoor lighting to design is tree lighting. Here’s why. Lighting design is an art form. The more you look at how light is interpreted, you realize there is really a difference between one lighting effect and another. There really is a difference between using one lighting fixture and another. There is a big difference between up lighting and down lighting.

Tree lighting, pool lighting

Tree lighting, pool lighting

In lighting design, the amount of shadow is just as important as the amount of light. Using a giant spot light will certainly light stuff up. But, it will also “blow it out”. You will lose what makes the structure beautiful by putting too much light on it. In good outdoor lighting design, shadow is created. Take a look at the picture above. The scene is very pretty – the lush green yard, the beautiful stone wall, the beautiful home. But your eye is quickly drawn to the tree shadow on the lawn. We need look only once at the shadow to determine what the shadow pattern is. The shadow pattern is that of lighting coming down through the leaves of the tree.

Here’s another picture of down lighting through trees. Notice the shadow pattern on the grass.

tree lighting San Antonio

tree lighting San Antonio

By choosing to down light from the tree, a magical and romantic shadow pattern is created on the grass. The shadow pattern is welcoming and interesting.

Give us a call to explore some tree lighting at your home. Spend your holiday money wisely by investing in permanent tree lighting for your yard.

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