Dock lighting

My brother-in-law loves the ocean. I’m quite certain that in a former life he was some sort of sea creature because of the way he is drawn to the water. He is drawn to the water as much during the day as well as at night.

Dock lighting San Antonio

Dock lighting San Antonio

He and his family love to go spend some evenings on their docked boat and just feel and hear the waves lapping against the boat. They love to enjoy the smell of the ocean and the sounds of outdoors and a great place to do this is just by sitting and relaxing on the docked boat.

A couple years ago, as they were entering the boat in the evening, his toddler child fell off the dock while getting on the boat. While he was of course an excellent swimmer, the dock was not only dark on top but was even darker on the sides and below the dock. Luckily his toddler child had just finished swim classes so she was able to stay above water with the doggie paddle while her voice helped keep them aware of her location.

So now, he keeps a flashlight nearly on a belt holster when they go down to the dock at night.

There’s a much better solution – dock lighting.

Even though a dock is a water structure, a professional lighting designer is very proficient at not only lighting the dock but is also knowledgeable and proficient with the electrical standards and wiring necessities for a “wet” location.

If you’re going to light your dock, you don’t want wires hanging out. You don’t want fire hazards. And, you don’t want to take the chance that important parts get wet and either rust or fry. Just call a professional lighting designer. Click here for a list of professional lighting designers that are up to this challenge. Dock lighting means safety in many more ways than one.

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