San Antonio architectural and facade lighting helps define our area’s unique architecture

San Antonio palm tree lighting creates ambiance

San Antonio’s unique homes make the perfect backdrop for architectural lighting.

San Antonio is full of beautiful homes. The area’s rich history and vibrant diversity are not only reflected in its people, but also in the homes they live in. The architectural roots of San Antonio’s homes include Spanish, Mexican, Native American and even French influences.  From cottage style bungalows to Mediterranean inspired estates everywhere you look there is something new and unique to drink in. Our residents also cultivate the beauty of their homes through extensive landscaping. With this in mind you might think making your home and landscape even more timeless and enchanting is impossible, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio reminds you that no home is complete without the right accessory – outdoor lighting.

San Antonio outdoor lighting

Architectural and landscape lighting bring this stunning house to life in the evening.

The combination of your home’s distinct features and landscape can be taken a step further with the addition of outdoor lighting. Architectural lighting is the best way to enhance your home’s beauty and bring it out of the dark. Our architectural and facade lighting emphasizes your homes width, depth and height. Our proven outdoor lighting techniques and exclusive fixtures bring out the textures in your homes facade. These textures might incorporate stone, brick, stucco or a combination of mediums. Proper outdoor lighting will allow you to appreciate the texture that you see during the day into the evening. We can take an already beautiful home and turn it into a work of art with outdoor lighting.

San Antonio landscape lighting with palm trees as focal point

Our landscape lighting can help you achieve your own tropical paradise.

Our architectural outdoor lighting is just the tip of the iceberg, when you add landscape and garden lighting into the mix your property takes on an elegant persona of balance and beauty. Our landscape lighting applications vary from landscape to landscape. What works best for one homeowner’s property may not give you the effect you desire. This is why we put together a custom landscape lighting plan that will focus on what parts of your landscape you wish to enhance. These can encompass a wide range of lighting techniques such as tree lighting, up lighting and even garden path lighting. We can customize your landscape to draw attention to a single tree and accentuate its features, or illuminate a group of trees within the landscape. We treat your landscape with as much appreciation as that of your home. No two homes are the same, and no two landscapes are the same. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio and The Hill Country realizes this and works diligently to give each of these facets of your property the attention it deserves.

San Antonio landscape lighting

This home is big on curb-appeal resulting from well-appointed architectural and landscape lighting around the home.

If you are ready to bring your beautiful home and landscape out of the shadows contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio and The Hill Country today. Our outdoor lighting designs are sure to make your humble abode worthy of more than just a second look!
(210) 971-8759

Native Texas palm trees under the glow of outdoor lighting

Native Texas palm trees under the glow of outdoor lighting

Visit our architectural lighting photo gallery and our landscape and garden photo gallery located on our website for more outdoor lighting inspiration.

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