Lighting Your San Antonio Home for Beauty and Security


We recently undertook a project in San Antonio where the client was interested in the lighting aspects of showing the home in beautiful light but also wanted the feeling of added security. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio came up with a design that works for both. When the project was complete the client was over joyed and stated that when they drive up to the house at night, it feels great to see their beautiful house and be able to walk securely from the driveway to the front door. There are many benefits of outdoor lighting, beauty and security are two of them.

If you are interested in bringing out the beauty in your home, want added security, or both, contact us at (210)-971-8759 or email:

Our lighting automation will ensure you spring forward effortlessly

San Antonio Outdoor Lighting Technologies

Our advanced lighting control automations ensures the lights are always on when they are supposed to be.

It is that time of the year again. Daylight savings time begins on March 10th this year which means longer days and darker mornings. For homeowners who are using traditional timers for their outdoor lighting DST means plenty of headaches so break out the aspirin. Programming manual lighting timers is a guessing game at best. Dusk is never a fixed time, and adding the changes DST initiates makes programming manual outdoor lighting timers more difficult. Thankfully, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio and The Hill Country have the answer to the dilemma of always chasing dusk. Our Lighting Control Animation extends into our smart system timers that take the guess-work out of your lighting.

Lighting Control Automation

Lighting Control Automation turns the lights on and off at the right time for energy conservation and security

Our smart system provides convenience and flexibility all in one. Having to manually set your lighting timer to accommodate changes in dusk and daylight savings time will become a thing of the past. With lighting control animation your outdoor lighting can be programmed to come on automatically at dusk each evening. This same technology also allows for your lighting to come on at partial illumination with the onset of dusk and increase to full illumination as the evening progresses. This feature saves energy costs and creates an unforgettable ambiance. LCA also allows for your lights to turn off at midnight, right before sunrise or any time you desire. Another added feature of this smart technology includes having the capability to tie in your indoor lighting. We can create custom zones to control groups of lights and/or appliances at the flick of one switch. We can also program certain zones to turn on and off automatically so your home always looks occupied enhancing safety when you are away.

LCA Timer

Lighting control automation timer.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio can also link your lighting control to your smart phone for added convenience when you are away from home. You can turn your lights on or off at different times via your smart phone to allow flexibility when you need it. This added luxury to our already convenient LCA technology delivers peace of mind when on vacation, and also on those evenings when your teenager can’t seem to make curfew on time. Whether you are 1 mile away, or 100 miles away from home the control lies within your hand!

San Antonio LCA smartphone technology

Our LCA technology gives you control of your outdoor lighting via your smart phone from remote locations.

The headache associated with programming your outdoor lighting to facilitate the dramatic change with the onset of daylight savings time is non-existent with LCA. You will never have to worry about resetting it because our LCA system automatically adjusts to daylight savings time. Springing forward and falling back with DST has never been easier.

If putting an end to manually programming your outdoor lighting can’t come soon enough, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio and The Hill Country. Our smart system can deliver convenience and peace of mind you never thought possible. Don’t delay DST begins on 3/10/13!
(210) 971 -8759

See more examples of how our lighting control automation can enhance the ambiance and safety of your home and landscape by visiting our outdoor lighting gallery and our landscape and garden lighting gallery located on our website.

Create a safer abode for you and your family this year with outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting San Antonio

Path lighting and entry lighting provide a safe entrance into the heart of this San Antonio home.

With the dawn of a new year comes many resolutions that never reach fruition. From weight loss, to kicking a bad habit for good. Even though most folks set out to achieve these new goals they set for themselves with vigor and enthusiasm, we sometimes tend to set unrealistic goals for ourselves. This year, why not decide upon  a New Year’s resolution that is easily attainable and will not only benefit you but your entire family as well. Make the decision to resolve in creating a safer home and landscape for your entire family though the addition of outdoor lighting.

By adding professionally installed lighting to areas such as pathways, walkways and well-traveled areas in and around your landscape you set the stage for hassle free travel to and from areas frequented at your residence. Areas such as driveways, entrances and exits can be enhanced for safety’s sake through outdoor lighting.

A good example of how outdoor lighting can provide a safer scenario is an installation we recently completed for a couple who frequently play host to their elderly parents in their guest house which is located adjacent to their main residence. Even though the guest house is a short distance away, the couple would have to travel the distance often times in the dark after a long evening of games and enjoying time with their family. The lack of visibility between the main house and guest house was often a source of concern for these residents. The homeowners made the decision to add outdoor lighting along the path that leads to the guest house to ensure their parents were secure in reaching the guest house in the dark. Installing the lighting has given them peace of mind that their loved ones have a clear and safe path to their quarters during their stay, no matter what fun keeps them traveling to their guest quarters late into the evening.


The addition of outdoor lighting makes this guest home a safe refuge for these residents beloved guests.

Outdoor lighting can provide safety in a myriad of locations around your home. Being able to see fallen limbs, and brush make travel safer around all areas of your home. Outdoor lighting will prevent tripping and falls that often happen when trying to navigate in the dark as well. Outdoor lighting is a good way to make the unexpected visible to you and your guests and be able to avoid it well in advance of accidentally stepping on it or tripping over it, whereas it can become a hazard. From sticks to snakes, you will see what is up  ahead and be able to react to avoid a mishap.  Outdoor lighting keeps your area lit to ensure safety.  Adding illumination to areas that take you to and from your home on a regular basis is a refreshing way to ring in the new year. Areas such as paths which lead to outdoor living structures such as gazebos or detached porches, pool houses and even that herb garden that you frequent just before dinner to snip fresh basil and thyme to top off that perfect dish. Any area that is frequented  in the evening can become safer with outdoor lighting.

Wouldn’t it renew your spirit to know that your guests are safer when entering and leaving your home? No more worries over  the dinner party that extends into the evening, and no worries if your teen is a few minutes past curfew. Rest assured your home is lit to ensure added safety. Our outdoor lighting can even offer you the capability of hands free, set it and forget it technology through lighting control animation (LCA). Our program lets you set the outdoor lighting to come on and go off at the times you desire without you having to worry about making sure the lights are on when those unexpected events happen. If you choose, we can even give you the added luxury of taking control of your outdoor lights when you are away with our app. which is available through your smart phone. This technology lets you control the lighting from remote locations with a simple touch of your hand.

San Antonia pathway lighting

Pathway lighting not only looks inviting it promotes safety as well.

Who could ever imagine that one resolution could positively affect so many aspects of your lifestyle. If you are ready to make your home and landscape a safer space, and more pleasing to the eye as well, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio today to learn more about turning your home sweet home into a “home safe home”. This is one resolution that can continue to enhance your lifestyle for many years to come, from one new year to the next. Contact us today to learn more (830) 624 – 1300

The magical gift of outdoor lighting can be enjoyed 365 days a year

Unforgettable pool lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio

Unforgettable pool lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is in its prime and the onslaught of beautiful holiday lighting is all around us to enjoy and inspire us at this time of year. What happens when all the beautiful lights come down and the season comes to a close? Do you miss the glow of outdoor holiday lighting when it is time to welcome in the new year? If you feel yourself missing the loveliness of outdoor holiday lighting then you need to know that outdoor lighting is not just for the holidays. The grace and beauty that comes with holiday outdoor lighting can also be found in our elegant and graceful outdoor lighting designs that can be enjoyed 365 days a year.

Don’t let the after holiday light take-down get you down. We can meet with you to design an outdoor lighting design plan that fits your home and landscape perfectly. From architectural and facade lighting to accentuate your homes distinct design and landscape to garden lighting that gives your surroundings  the feel of an outdoor oasis, and even pool lighting to take a dip in style every evening, all year through. Our San Antonio residents often get to take advantage of their water features throughout the year, which is more of a treat when you can take that midnight swim under the basque of stunning pool lighting.


Beautiful outdoor lighting like this can be yours all year long with our personal, and stunning designs

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio has been creating magic in landscapes and gardens and areas of outdoor interest as well as enhancing homes in the San Antonio area for many years. Not only does the addition of outdoor lighting make your property and landscape more inviting and elegant, it makes your home and yard safer as well. From the minute you pull  into the driveway each evening you can be greeted with the effects of outdoor lighting. From making your way to the garage, and into the front door and everywhere in between, outdoor lighting makes your life easier and more relaxed. No more fumbling to find the keys at a dark entrance, no more trying to navigate through the garden to pick that prized sprig of basil for you dinner dish. Outdoor lighting can enhance your home as well as your lifestyle.

Outdoor lighting San Antonio

This already stunning home becomes gorgeous under the spell of outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting also promotes safety on a different level. A well-lit home is a safer home and is less likely to become the target of crime. Our outdoor lighting can even be programmed with lighting control automation to give the appearance that someone is home even when you are away. This technology can be programmed to control specific exterior lights and interior lights as well.

With all the many aspects that the addition of outdoor lighting can add to you life, you can never go wrong. Make the place you call home magical all year-long with our stunning outdoor lighting designs.

Outdoor lighting also makes a great gift for you or your loved one this holiday season. It can be the only gift they receive that keeps on giving the whole year through! Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio to learn more about designing an outdoor lighting plan for your home, or to learn how to make this Christmas the most special ever by giving the gift of  outdoor lighting. (830) 624 – 1300 email:

Need more inspiration? Visit our breathtaking photo galleries located on our website, to see what you and your home has been missing.

Bring home the magic of the holidays with our super convenient holiday lighting program

lighted palm tree by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

The holidays are almost here and it is time to think about Christmas lights again.

The smell of gingerbread and cinnamon is in the air. All around us are the sights, and smells of Christmas. Now is the time to start thinking about your holiday decorating. As with any cohesive interior and exterior design, professional lighting is the glue that holds everything together. With Christmas decorating, your holiday lighting can turn a nice holiday display into an amazing holiday display. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio offers a super convenient way to get a professionally designed and installed outdoor holiday lighting display, while you concentrate on the other aspects of this wonderful season.

In case you are not familiar with how a holiday lighting program works this is what our holiday lighting program entails…

Loveliest holiday lighting ever by Outdoor LIghting Perspectives

We can design, install, remove and store your magical display and let you concentrate on the reason for the season.

First we consult with you to get your input as to what style of Christmas lighting tickles your fancy. Whether your taste leans more towards old world elegance and traditional designs, or designs that are unique and full of playful whimsy, we can accommodate any style with our huge selection of holiday lighting elements. After the consultation we go to work on designing your holiday lighting display by ordering the lights needed to fill your winter wonderland. All of our lights are ordered new, not like other holiday lighting programs that recycle used lights from customer to customer, year to year. Once these lights are ordered especially for you, we then install your holiday lighting in plenty of time to enjoy many nights of awe-inspiring beauty throughout the holiday season. We can even program your lights to go on and off at specific pre-set times for you so you don’t have to lift a finger. After the holidays are over Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio will take down your holiday lights and store them in our temperature controlled warehouses until next year, when we do it all over again for you. Offering you the convenience of storage away from home will give you the gift of more storage space for other items and give you the freedom to add to your holiday lighting design as the years progress. Our holiday lighting program is the ultimate in holiday luxury, and makes the perfect gift for yourself because it is the gift that keeps on giving for years to come!

Icicle LED holiday lights by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

This home was decorated by using LED holiday lights

Much of our holiday lighting is available in the energy-efficient LED lights as well. LED lights are eco-friendly with less impact on our environment and are long-lasting, and promote a clearer, even and  more vivid illumination than the holiday lights of Christmases past. We offer LED roofline lighting, LED string lights, Classic LED lighted wreaths and garlands and much more.

If you are ready to take the stress of your Christmas lighting this holiday season, and are tired of driving from store to store to find what you really want, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio today and let us do the hard part for you. Happy Holidays from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio!!  Call us at (830) 624 – 1300 or send us an email @

Contact us today because our holiday lighting program is on a first come, first serve basis and spots are filling up quickly.

OLP holiday lighting 013

Dont delay contact us today to create a stunning outdoor holiday lighting design for your home and landscape this season.

To see more images of ethereal holiday lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio visit our holiday lighting photo gallery located on our website.

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio lights the way for residents of this special city

The Spanish influenced architecture of San Antonio lends itself to beautiful outdoor lighting

elegance In Design

Texas is the second largest state, only behind Alaska, in the United States. Among Texas’ unique and diverse landscapes you have the beautiful southwestern desert, grasslands, forests, coastlines and of course the one landscape Texas is famous for – the prairie. Images of a covered wagon pulled by a team of mules transport you back into the old west and when our ancestors were planting roots in  history that will be remembered forever.

Who can forget that famous call from the Texas army under Sam Houston “remember the Alamo”.  The very place where the Alamo still stands today is what many would refer to as gem of Texas.  There is no other city quite like San Antonio. San Antonio is full of heritage and history . You will see architecture tinged with Spanish influence throughout the city itself and in the homes of its residents. Walking through the streets of San Antonio is like walking through a history book and a fairy tale at the same time. It is no wonder that San Antonio boasts a population of almost 1.33 million people. The maverick spirit which makes San Antonio all it is today is apparent all around you.

San Antonio garden lighting

San Antonio garden lighting

San Antonio also boasts a wide array of outdoor activities which can be enjoyed year round because of the warm climate. This warm climate is a big reason why so many people choose to call San Antonio their home. The architecture throughout the communities in and around San Antonio use many natural elements to showcase the beauty of their homes and mother natures backdrop of peaceful rivers, lush vegetation, and gorgeous native trees. Many residents also take advantage of the abundant landscaping materials such as abundant blooming flowers and plants, as well as unique shrubs and foundation plants.

No one element of your home or landscape can make more of statement than it can with the addition of professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of  San Antonio has years of experience and knowledge in  illuminating architecture, pools, and landscapes for our residents. We can turn an already beautiful residence and grounds into a work of art with our outdoor lighting applications.

Outdoor lighting San Antonio

A spectacular entrance lighting.

I realize the old saying “everything is bigger in Texas” is quite often used in a positive manner. Bigger is not always better when it comes to outdoor lighting. Our fixtures are designed to do the job. Many other outdoor lighting companies install a large amount of fixtures to get the point across. This is simply not the case with lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio. For example, our copper path lights only require between three and four strategically placed path lights to illuminate a standard sized walkway or entry properly and promote an alluring effect as well. We want to focus on the area or object we are lighting for you, not the fixture. Properly designed and installed lighting draws your eye to the effect it creates, not on the fixture. It is about the quality and not the quantity of the lighting that makes us unique.

San Antonio architectural outdoor lighting and pool lighting

San Antonio architectural outdoor lighting and pool lighting

If the purpose for installing outdoor lighting is to accentuate your homes unique architectural elements Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of  San Antonio knows the right fixture and the right installation of that fixture to ensure beautiful results. We often use well lights to illuminate your homes architectural breaks, or vertical lines. We are always careful to not place any light in the direction of a window. This is one major flaw that other outdoor lighting companies don’t  pay close attention to, but here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio we look at our outdoor lighting applications as an art form. We also instill the use of spot lights, and in some cases moonlighting to illuminate any peak line or dormers within your homes design.

Lighting Automation Timer

Outdoor lighting can also play a major role in the security of your residence. Advances in technology now afford homeowners the luxury of being able to control their outdoor lighting using LCA (Lighting control animation). This convenient technology will allow you to customize your outdoor lighting to come on and go off at the times that best suit you. This technology has also been carried a step further by being able to control your outdoor lighting via your smart phone. Advancements such as these will ensure you will be in the driver’s seat when in comes to lighting your home and landscape and is an effective deterrent to keep intruders away.

If you are ready to see the beauty of San Antonio in a whole new light. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio to schedule a night-time demonstration. We can capture the beauty of your home and landscape through outdoor lighting and capture the maverick spirit of why you call San Antonio home. Call us at (830) 624 – 1300 or email us at

Today’s the day!

Outdoor lighting San Antonio

Outdoor architectural and path lighting San Antonio

What is it about the day after Thanksgiving that has such power to motivate us to move on to the next holiday? Even though most of us are exhausted from cooking or traveling, or just from eating, we get this burst of energy to take care of all of the Christmas details right away.

There are plenty of Christmas details to go around. Planning and buying gifts is almost always the top of the list. But, getting house ready for Christmas usually follows very close behind. And, getting the house ready usually takes more planning so it’s best to attend to it first.

Palm Tree Lighting San Antonio

Palm Tree Lighting San Antonio

Thanksgiving is generally a really good opportunity to identify what your home needs to be ready for the next big holiday. I realized I was one chair short for the table and really need more serving pieces including a giant fork for serving meats. I could also use a meat platter.

But, we also have to think about what the outside of our home needs. Would outdoor lighting help your guests park more easily? Would it help them get more easily to the door? Would it make you feel better to know that the steps to your front or side door are well lit so any older guests aren’t likely to trip?


Outdoor lighting San Antonio

Outdoor lighting San Antonio

Outdoor lighting has so many benefits in addition to making your house look stunning for the holidays. Outdoor lighting increases the security of your home dramatically. It’s a well-documented fact that intruders are much less likely to target darker homes than well-lit homes. Outdoor lighting also helps tremendously with safety.Lighting the areas  people walk around our homes at night is crucial to ensuring the safety of our families and our guests.


Put outdoor lighting at the top of your to-do list to have in time for Christmas. But you’ll have to call now in order for us to give you a free quote and have time to install your new lighting in time for Christmas. Call (830) 624 – 1300. Or, visit our San Antonio outdoor lighting website to fill out a free consultation form.

Why can’t all my clocks reset themselves on Daylight Savings?

Lighting Control Automation

Lighting Control Automation turns the lights on and off at the right time for energy conservation and security

If you’re like me, you wake up the morning after daylight savings completely unaware what you just missed. You jump into your car to head over to the local coffee shop only to be amazed when you look at the clock in your car to see how early you’ve awoken on this weekend day. You fret that you will be at the coffee shop before they open only to roll up to the shop and see it’s in full swing.

OK, it’s not April Fools Day. It’s daylight savings time and you missed the clock rollback. Now comes the really frustrating part. Your phone has been kind enough to reset itself from the big clocks in the sky that somehow talk to your phone and tell it when to reconfigure. But the clock in the car is another story. Every time the time changes, most of us have to drag out the car’s owner’s manual to find out the short 16-step process to resetting the car’s clock.

The good news is if you have lighting automation at your home from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, your timer also has contact with those big clocks in the sky. It resets itself just like your telephone does!

So how does it do that? When we program your lighting control automation (your switch that turns your lights on and off for security and energy conservation), we program in your longitude and latitude. Based on that, your lighting timer knows when daylight savings time has occurred and automatically resets the timer for you.

Maybe at some time in the not too distant future all of our clocks will be reset automatically. Ug, all the clocks to reset – the stove, the living room clock, the kids alarm clocks.

When is daylight savings time for the fall 2010? Sunday November 7th.

If you already have LCA with us, you don’t need to worry about Daylight Savings Time. If not, give us a ring and we can tell you a little more about it.

(830) 624 – 1300

Lighting Control Automation Enhances Security

With Spring Break upon us, and summer just around the corner, many families are beginning to do some traveling.  If you are like me, I tend to worry about my property while I am gone.  Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is proud to be the only landscape lighting company to offer a timer that can not only control the lighting system outside, but control lights on the inside.  Our state of the art Lighting Control Automation (LCA) can be programmed to offer a multitude of options.

Many of our clients use the LCA because of the fact that it is a set-it and forget-it type of control.  Once the longitude and latitude of your home is programmed into the timer and appliance module, the timer recognizes when sunset occurs every day of every year.  The true beauty in this system is that the timer calculates for time changes and Leap Year.  With a back up to the system, even with power outages, the timer stays programmed.  You can be sure that your landscape lights will come on every night.

Our LCA timer system also has components that can be added to the interior of a home.  We can easily replace a switch with an LCA switch and program the timer to turn on this switch at a designated time.  For example, I installed a new switch to operate my garage lights.  Now, they come on every night at the same time as my landscape lights and I never drive up to a dark garage.  The safety that this offers is huge!  Other switches can be replaced and the timer system can be programmed to turn them on and off several times a night making it appear as if someone is home and walking through the house. 

Another great option is to have a plug replaced with one of our LCA plugs. Whatever is plugged into that spot will turn on when the timer turns on the plug whether it be a lamp, radio, or even a television. 

This system can truly help automate your home so that even when you are gone, it appears as if someone is home.

Motion Sensors add extra Dimension of Safety to Outdoor Lighting

In this video, Winston Edwards of B & B Manufacturing, our exclusive provider of landscape lighting products, demonstrates how our motion sensor equipment can be used with your Lighting Control Automation (LCA) to add a new dimension of safety to your home.

You can learn more about LCA and the variety of options for lighting control at our Lighting Control Automation Post .

Scott Bellamy, President

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio