San Antonio architectural lighting – outdoor lighting at its best

San Antonio Architectural Lighting Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

San Antonio Architectural Lighting Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Here in San Antonio, we have such great architectural materials that we use for our home facades, in our landscaping, and in our outdoor structures. Stone, stucco, and even stamped concrete all have these fabulous subtle textures that make them rustic and unique.

San Antonio outdoor lighting - outdoor architectural lighting

San Antonio outdoor lighting - outdoor architectural lighting

One of my goals in lighting anything whether it’s a home, or pool, or garden or tree is to try to use the light to catch some of the texture of the item I’m illuminating. I always shake my head when I drive by a commercial sign that’s lit with a gargantuan spotlight that totally “blows out” the sign. You see these bright spots or hot spots where the reflection of the spot light off the item it’s illuminating is almost blinding.

Outdoor architectural and tree lighting in San Antonio

Outdoor architectural and tree lighting in San Antonio

Good outdoor lighting will allow you to appreciate the texture that you see during the day. Here are the attributes you want to look for in great outdoor lighting.

  1. Width
  2. Height
  3. Depth

This seems like such a simple formula – something like measuring a box. With your outdoor architectural lighting you want to achieve width. You want to make sure to illuminate the very far left end and the very far right end of the building or structure. You want the illuminated structure to represent itself, from a structure perspective, the same way it does during the day. Imagine looking at a house and the left and right sides of the house disappeared. That’s what you want to avoid by fully illuminating all the way to the far left and far right ends of the structure.


San Antonio architectural outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

San Antonio architectural outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

The idea of illuminating the full height of the structure is the same. Imagine looking a fabulous architectural structure with spires or turrets and not being able to see those in the evening. Whether the highest architectural detail of your home is a horizontal roofline or a nice mix of facades, you want to make sure that the height of your home doesn’t disappear into the darkness.


Based on some of the architectural materials we use often, some might present more of a challenge in terms of being able to see the subtle depth of the surface at night. For example, with stucco, this might not be possible. But, with stone and other great materials, our goal is to try to create a lighting situation where you can see and appreciate the depth of those textures with the outdoor lighting.

So, when evaluating outdoor lighting, make sure the lighting achieves width, height, and depth. All 3 are critical to good outdoor lighting.

Why we are the Best Value

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio has everything necessary to meet your residential and business landscape lighting needs.

In today’s world, businesses often throw out buzzwords like “Quality” and “Value”.  At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we take those terms seriously.  With that in mind, we’d like to share what we mean by “Value”.


OUR DESIGNS. Even if a home is built using the highest quality materials, without a well thought-out blueprint the final reslut is compromised.  We use certified lighting designers.  They listen carefully to your concerns and what you want to accomplish with your new lighting system.  then they will develop a design to achieve your goals.  Best of all, you are able to see the design at night before you decide if this home improvement investment is right for you.

OUR FIXTURES.  Light fixtures are perhaps the single mosst critical component of a lighting system.  the following are the three basic considerations for choosing a light fixture:

  • Which lamp will achieve the desired effect?
  • which fixture can best accomodate this lamp?
  • what is the quality of fixture materials?

We exclusively use corrosion-resistant materials such as hand-spun copper and cast brass.  Our fictures can stand up to years of harsh outdoor settings – rain, fertilizers, sun exposure, etc. – that could easily destroy other products such as those made of steel or aluminum.  although we can source painted fixtures, ours will not fade, chip or peel – ever.

OUR TRANSFORMERS.  Often termed the “engine” of a professional outdoor lighting system, we use commercial-grade multiple volt transformers.  with a multi-volt unit our installers can select the proper startig voltage to ensure perfect and balanced illumination – regardless of the individual fixture distances.  Also, unlike lesser units, our transformers are “potted,” which means the electrical components are completely sealed with epoxy to prevent corrosion.

OUR INSTALLATIONS.  Outdoor lighting is our focus, and our installers are fully trained with the primary goal of leaving your property in better condition than they found it.  nearly all work is done by hand with careful attention to costly plantings and hardscaping.  If you can’t tell the installer was at your home, we have succeeded.

OUR MAINTENANCE.  The single biggest complaint customers have about the home improvement sector is poor maintenance and seervice after the sale.  We are not like most contractors because we want a long-term relationship with you and take pride in prompt, capable servie even years after the initial installation.  We offer ongoing and very cost-effective maintenance programs, where each year the lighting system is completely checked out and all lamps are replaced.

OUR LIGHTING CONTROL.  We offer standard on-off options and also are an exclusive provider of LCA – Lighting Control Automation.  This allows you to set the on- and off- times once and never change them again.  Should you, for both convenience and security reasons, want any number of interior lights controlled, we can accommodate these needs as well – during the initial installation or years later as your needs change.

OUR STRENGTH.  We are the numbe one provider of professional outdoor lighting with a worldwide location count approaching 100.  Since 1995 we have grown to be the category leader by providing the best overall value.  We walk the talk.

Scott Bellamy, President

Outoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio