How tree lighting in your San Antonio landscape becomes the ultimate storyteller

Outdoor lighting Perspectives of San Antonio tree lighting

Trees native to San Antonio are made more gorgeous through expert tree lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio

In much the same way every picture tells a story, each tree in your San Antonio landscape can also tell a story with the addition of tree lighting. Trees as a species naturally have a great deal of character. Each tree has a distinct personality all its own such as the weeping branching of the willow, to the overreaching embrace of an oak; no two trees present themselves identically. For example;  the character and effect that is interpreted through lighting a mesquite tree is far different from the interpretation conveyed through lighting a palm tree. Choosing specific trees within your landscape for tree lighting can breathe new life into your landscape and give your entire property a distinct feel. If you are just starting out with a new landscape or outdoor lighting installation we can help you decide which conifers deliver the most dramatic effects, and which will thrive best in San Antonio’s climate. Here is a look into just a few of the best tree lighting candidates for your landscape.

Tree lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio

These mesquite trees take tree lighting to a new level, simply breathtaking

The Mesmerizing Mesquite Tree

Both the Honey Mesquite, Velvet Mesquite and it’s smaller cousin the Screwbean Mesquite, are Texas natives and are extremely drought tolerant. The wide, drooping branches have made this tree one of the most popular among homeowners seeking drama in their landscape in the daytime and in the evening. They range from a few feet to 10 to 15 feet in height, although the Honey and Velvet Mesquites may reach 30 to 60 feet in favorable settings. They may have single or multiple-branched stems, with each plant assuming its own distinctive shape. They come armed with thorns on the smaller branches. They shed their leaves in the winter. They bloom from spring into summer, bearing small frothy-looking clusters – called “catkins”of tiny, five-petal, pale green or yellowish flowers, luring numerous beneficial, pollinating insects. From crown to root tips, Mesquite trees have evolved a number of adaptations especially designed to help assure survival in their desert environments.

Desert Willow

Desert Willow Tree

The Desert Willow

This beauty not only has the classic, haunting “willow-esque” characteristics of others in the willow family it also dazzles with a brilliant show of delicate flowers. The Desert willow (Chilopsis linearis) is also perfect for Texas landscapes as it will withstand abuse when it comes to poor soil and drought. Its weeping form is airy with foliage that casts enough shade making the space around its base suitable for many other plants. There are several varieties on the market. The standard form bears pink blooms with dark pink features. ‘Bubba’ produces reddish/burgundy blooms and the blooms of ‘Regal’ are even deeper burgundy/purple.  It can reach 15 to 30 feet in height and will reward you with almost care free beauty for years to come. This plant thrives in full sun and well-drained soil. It can reach 15 to 30 feet in height and is easy to care for and maintain.

Palm tree lighting used in Texas landscape border

This homes entrance is lined with native palms, we were able to add soft washes of strategically planned lighting to not only light the driveway but focus on the beauty of the palms as well.

The Palm Tree –  The only palm tree native to the San Antonio is the Texas Sabel Palm, however, our climate also allows palms native to other regions to thrive. These include the Windmill Palm and the California Fan Palm. Palms trees appropriate for our climate range from small specimens to large, with  branch variations from large to small fanning of the leaves. Palms have a unique branching structure that is all their own. In addition to their fanning leaves, they have an abundant overlapping branching pattern that is beautiful to look at and makes a wonderful focus of tree lighting designs. The bark, wide caliber of the trunk and  height of palms exudes majesty and presence and is one of the most requested tree by our customer to use as a focal tree lighting candidate. Palms are very exotic and can transport your senses to a place where you can leave your cares behind and relax with a fruity drinkin your hand. By adding tree lighting to the palm trees in your landscape, you can take yourself to an exotic far-away place without ever leaving your own backyard.

Outdoor architectural and tree lighting in San Antonio

The exquisite tree lighting at this home in San Antonio leaves an impression on everyone that passes this stunning home and landscape.

In order to bring out the character of  any tree you choose to highlight,  we make the unique characteristics shine through by using various tree lighting techniques. Up lighting is used to accentuate the trunk and height of a tree. Well lights are often used at the base of a tree to play up the trees width and girth, and down lighting and moon lighting are often used to accentuate the canopy and add drama to the tree and the area around the tree. We treat each tree as a separate entity with our tree lighting designs because what works for one tree best, will not necessarily work for another. Professional tree lighting is an art we take seriously. We also pay special attention not to damage or alter your tree leaving it susceptible to fungus and disease when installing your tree lighting fixtures. A healthy tree is a beautiful tree for years and years to come.

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Our tree lighting designs are an effective way to bring out the best in your San Antonio landscape, and improve the way your entire property looks in the evening. Tree lighting and landscape lighting also gives you added security and plenty of curbside ambiance too.

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Fiesta lighting can add whimsy and life to that hard to light, or forgotten spot in your landscape

globe lighting San Antonio

The magic of globe lighting and permanent festival lighting can be enjoyed throughout the year.

With all the emphasis placed on the many benefits of outdoor lighting you have to keep in mind that the scale or genre of that outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be grand to be effective. Maybe you have a spot within your landscape that is difficult to light using conventional outdoor lighting methods. You might even have that one spot in your yard, or adjacent to your home that is unused, and overlooked because you are the only one that has the vision to see it as a diamond in the rough. For these type of scenarios, or if you just want to escape from the norm. Fiesta (or festival) lighting and globe lighting might just be the answer.


Courtyard during the day before we added the festival lighting

You might have already seen this type of lighting used in commercial applications while visiting the patio of some quaint tavern or bistro and remember the impression the lighting made on your entire dining experience. That same mood lighting used in many successful upscale eateries can be yours for the asking, right in your very own backyard setting.

Courtyard festival lighting

The addition of permanent festival lighting made a huge impact on this courtyard space and the manner in which the homeowners now use it.

Festival lighting does deliver a viable light source to improve function in a specified area, but more than anything fiesta-style and globe lighting can help paint a picture of the mood you want to convey with your space.  Permanent festival lighting is tough enough to weather all seasons and can become the highlight of your outdoor lighting design simply because it induces whimsy and fun at every age.

Green Globe

Globe lighting is available in a rainbow of colors to suit any taste.

By using commercial grade lighting products and using a cable to support the weight of the wiring components we can ensure the safety and the integrity of the system over long spans. Permanent fiesta lighting is available in white and colored light hues. We can even instill the use of unique globe lights as part of lighting your unique space.

With the Halloween season quickly approaching could you imagine hosting the neighborhood autumn celebration on your covered patio, or other outdoor space with these lights strung amid the decorations and tempting treats for all to enjoy? Having the capability to use these lights in time for the upcoming holiday would definitely be a unique way to showcase the occasion, and after the party is over you will still be able to take advantage of the endless possibilities having such a unique, and distinct lighting installation will ensue. From outdoor parties, or just enjoying the evening over an outdoor dinner for two will take on new meaning under the illumination of permanent festival and globe lighting.

San Antonio globe lighting

Globe lighting can cast a haunting to happy glow on your outdoor gatherings.

So if you have a courtyard or alley patio that is in need of a little life then contact Outdoor lighting Perspectives of San Antonio and the Hill Country to help you awaken that forgotten area in your landscape. This unique lighting alternative can even be used to add romance to covered patios, or other outdoor structures. Think outside the box to create a mesmerizing, unforgettable effect in your own backyard today. Call or email us today to learn more
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