Servicing your outdoor lighting system from bugs!!!

Hey guys I had the opportunity to go out today and conduct service on some of our clients lighting systems.  I ran across something very interesting out on the trail today and I wanted to pass it along to you guys.

During one of my service calls the entire system was not working and everything looked to be installed properly – and it was. As I investigated further I found the issue – Ants!! Yes ants had invaded the lighting transformer and rendered the timer/controls useless. 

So with that being said – I wanted to pass along a small tip.  Make sure when you are out doing yard work to spray or sprinkle some ant repellant around our outdoor lighting transformers, irrigation timer, or outdoor outlets.  (I have found ants to get in anything electrical and cause problems!)

Hope this small tip helps keep your lighting, electrical, and irrigation systems running smoothly during the summer months!!