Why can’t all my clocks reset themselves on Daylight Savings?

Lighting Control Automation

Lighting Control Automation turns the lights on and off at the right time for energy conservation and security

If you’re like me, you wake up the morning after daylight savings completely unaware what you just missed. You jump into your car to head over to the local coffee shop only to be amazed when you look at the clock in your car to see how early you’ve awoken on this weekend day. You fret that you will be at the coffee shop before they open only to roll up to the shop and see it’s in full swing.

OK, it’s not April Fools Day. It’s daylight savings time and you missed the clock rollback. Now comes the really frustrating part. Your phone has been kind enough to reset itself from the big clocks in the sky that somehow talk to your phone and tell it when to reconfigure. But the clock in the car is another story. Every time the time changes, most of us have to drag out the car’s owner’s manual to find out the short 16-step process to resetting the car’s clock.

The good news is if you have lighting automation at your home from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, your timer also has contact with those big clocks in the sky. It resets itself just like your telephone does!

So how does it do that? When we program your lighting control automation (your switch that turns your lights on and off for security and energy conservation), we program in your longitude and latitude. Based on that, your lighting timer knows when daylight savings time has occurred and automatically resets the timer for you.

Maybe at some time in the not too distant future all of our clocks will be reset automatically. Ug, all the clocks to reset – the stove, the living room clock, the kids alarm clocks.

When is daylight savings time for the fall 2010? Sunday November 7th.

If you already have LCA with us, you don’t need to worry about Daylight Savings Time. If not, give us a ring and we can tell you a little more about it.

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