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A spectacular entrance lighting.

With all the lighting choices on the market these days it is easy to get confused. Many lights boast energy efficiency and the green aspect of the energy they use, or don’t use, I should say. But which lights are the best when it comes to long-lasting, low energy usage, and true to life color rendering when used in outdoor lighting scenarios?  Clients here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio ask us these questions every day in regards to our incandescent and LED lights, and I want to calm some of the confusion.


LED Lights up close

LED’s are the light of the future. Strides in technology with LED’s are happening right now that will pave the way for the future of LED’s. Although LED is more expensive in its up-front costs of installations, the recoup time on that initial investment is as little as 5 years. When you take the aspect of the “green” technology into this equation the initial expense means little in terms of the environmental aspect they yield. LED’s have an extremely long life of 25,000-100,000 hours. This mean less waste in landfills and less energy expended to change bulbs. LED’s also cost pennies a day to operate. A typical outdoor lighting system costs an average of $100 per year to operate, with LED that cost could be as little as $10 per year to operate. So far, the LED is unmatched in it’s energy efficiency.  The color light the LED emits is good, and they have no warm-up time ( like some other bulbs do) they are almost instantaneous ON, and they contain no dangerous mercury.

San Antonia pathway lightingIncandescents are another form  outdoor lighting that are usually used in standard line lighting. The energy cost on an incandescent is good . The life expectancy of an incandescent is between 750-2,000 hours. The incandescents brightness and quality of color from the light is very good.  Incandescents are a solid choice when lighting pathways and walkways because of their high ratings in brightness and color quality.

There are other lights such as halogen and ceramic metal halides which are also energy-efficient and have a long life. The ceramic metal halide is coveted for its ability to not produce a color shift over time. It is a very stable light in terms of color quality, and has a life of around 18,000 hours.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio can help you decide on the best lighting design for your particular needs and wants. We have a knowledgable and professional staff on hand to answer any questions you may have when planning your outdoor lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the nations largest outdoor landscape lighting firm, and we are not just selling you fixtures, but the lighting effect.830) 624 – 1300

Dark Sky Compliance

Many people in the San Antonio area are beginning to hear about a term called “dark sky“.  Essentially, the term refers to reducing nocturnal glow & glare from urban & coastal areas.  As our culture and society becomes ever more environmentally friendly, we seek new and better ways to live in harmony with nature, and that includes addressing our night sky.

The goal of various “Dark Sky Compliance” measures is to deal with the excess artificial light, especially near or around urban areas, that has reduced our ability to see the stars at night.  And it’s not just being addressed to help the environment.

Bexar County Commissioners Court Regulation No. 12.501.072208, known as “The Camp Bullis Lighting Order”, was recently passed to address the light pollution that was affecting the night time medical field training exercises at Camp Bullis.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio has always been sensitive to the issue of light pollution, and that is why we design our residential landscape lighting plans the way we do.  We use primarily low voltage systems that use lower wattage bulbs increasing energy efficiency while still providing the correct amount of light.  When we do use line voltage lighting, we use it in a downward lighting application.  All of our lighting is shielded and aimed in such a way as to eliminate “light encroachment” or “light trespass” to the surrounding neighbors.  We believe in “lighting for effect”.  Light should illuminate the structure or landscape without any additional glare, i.e., light should never be hitting you in the eyes.

The International Dark-Sky Association has developed some simple Guidelines for Lighting Regulations for Small Communities, Urban Neighborhoods, and Subdivisions.  In the article, it is noted that Low Voltage landscape lighting is exempt from most lighting regulations, but such lighting should be shielded in such a way as to eliminate glare and light trespass.

Our customers can rest assured that our residential low voltage landscape lighting designs and installations are in full compliance with paragraph 2.2 of The Camp Bullis Lighting Order, and are in full compliance with the guidelines specified by the International Dark-Sky Association.

Our goal has always been and continues to be to provide you, our customer, with high quality landscape lighting that will enhance your home’s beauty, safety, security, while also being friendly to the enviroment.

That’s a promise.

Scott Bellamy

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio