Our lighting automation will ensure you spring forward effortlessly

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Our advanced lighting control automations ensures the lights are always on when they are supposed to be.

It is that time of the year again. Daylight savings time begins on March 10th this year which means longer days and darker mornings. For homeowners who are using traditional timers for their outdoor lighting DST means plenty of headaches so break out the aspirin. Programming manual lighting timers is a guessing game at best. Dusk is never a fixed time, and adding the changes DST initiates makes programming manual outdoor lighting timers more difficult. Thankfully, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio and The Hill Country have the answer to the dilemma of always chasing dusk. Our Lighting Control Animation extends into our smart system timers that take the guess-work out of your lighting.

Lighting Control Automation

Lighting Control Automation turns the lights on and off at the right time for energy conservation and security

Our smart system provides convenience and flexibility all in one. Having to manually set your lighting timer to accommodate changes in dusk and daylight savings time will become a thing of the past. With lighting control animation your outdoor lighting can be programmed to come on automatically at dusk each evening. This same technology also allows for your lighting to come on at partial illumination with the onset of dusk and increase to full illumination as the evening progresses. This feature saves energy costs and creates an unforgettable ambiance. LCA also allows for your lights to turn off at midnight, right before sunrise or any time you desire. Another added feature of this smart technology includes having the capability to tie in your indoor lighting. We can create custom zones to control groups of lights and/or appliances at the flick of one switch. We can also program certain zones to turn on and off automatically so your home always looks occupied enhancing safety when you are away.

LCA Timer

Lighting control automation timer.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio can also link your lighting control to your smart phone for added convenience when you are away from home. You can turn your lights on or off at different times via your smart phone to allow flexibility when you need it. This added luxury to our already convenient LCA technology delivers peace of mind when on vacation, and also on those evenings when your teenager can’t seem to make curfew on time. Whether you are 1 mile away, or 100 miles away from home the control lies within your hand!

San Antonio LCA smartphone technology

Our LCA technology gives you control of your outdoor lighting via your smart phone from remote locations.

The headache associated with programming your outdoor lighting to facilitate the dramatic change with the onset of daylight savings time is non-existent with LCA. You will never have to worry about resetting it because our LCA system automatically adjusts to daylight savings time. Springing forward and falling back with DST has never been easier.

If putting an end to manually programming your outdoor lighting can’t come soon enough, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio and The Hill Country. Our smart system can deliver convenience and peace of mind you never thought possible. Don’t delay DST begins on 3/10/13!
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