Palms, Palms, Palms

My family just returned from a cruise in the Western Caribbean, and had a marvelous time.  Something that really struck me was how beautiful their plants and trees were….green and lush.  Their palm trees were tall and graceful blowing in the tropical breezes and it made me think of how marvelous they would look with lighting.

While palm trees are not native Texas plants, many homeowners are bringing them in to give their back yards and pool areas that tropical look and feel.  With their interesting trunks and finger-like leaves, up lighting them gives a lovely focal point to any area.  In several instances we have come across homeowners who have put palms in landscape beds behind their pools or water fountains.  During the day, you are able to see how grand these trees are, but at night they are lost.  In most of these homes the homeowners have chosen to up light the palm trees and have been very excited about the results.  Now, at night, the eye is drawn toward this beautiful specimen adding warmth and texture to the area.

I know palm trees are a significant expense, especially the more mature ones, so it makes sense to give them center stage with a great lighting design.