Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio outlines the ABC’s of LED outdoor lighting conversions

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See how LED outdoor lighting can add magic to your home and landscape for all seasons.

Have you ever looked at your outdoor lighting system and thought “I really wish I would’ve chosen an LED system instead”? This may be the case with many homeowners who either did not get on the boat with LED when they initially had their existing lighting installed, and those whose existing system was installed at a time when LED outdoor lighting was not as accessible. The good news is all is not lost. Converting your existing outdoor lighting system to LED is a viable option for many homeowners and it also means you can enjoy the many benefits of LED without having to start from square one.

Outdoor lighting Perspectives of San Antonio LED outdoor lighting

LED outdoor lighting is changing the way we see outdoor lighting.

After hearing this good news, you are probably asking where do I start? First, your system will have to be inspected to see if LED conversion is possible. Most traditional outdoor lighting systems such as halogen and incandescent can easily be converted to LED. Your outdoor lighting professional can inspect your existing system and determine if your system is a candidate for conversion. Once your system is deemed fit to undergo the conversion, you can start enjoying the many benefits of LED outdoor lighting.

Benefits of LED outdoor lighting

  • LED outdoor lighting systems consume 80-85% less energy than traditional outdoor lighting systems. This energy efficiency can be felt each time you pay your electrical bill.
  • LED outdoor lighting systems have longevity which is evident with longer lasting bulbs that need replacement less often. For example a typical halogen bulb will burn for approximately 2,000 to 4,000 hours, whereas an LED will last a whopping 50,000 operating hours!
  • LED is a green burning technology because it leaves less of a carbon footprint on the environment.  LED’s are responsible for less greenhouse gases by reduced carbon dioxide emissions. LED’s also contain no harmful chemical such as mercury that makes handling and disposal dangerous.
  • LED’s are UV free which means no ultraviolet rays which are prone to attract insects. This means using LED in your landscape, deck and patio lighting installation will give you peace of mind in not attracting  insects that can invade your outdoor living enjoyment.
  • LED’s are more durable and resilient than ordinary lighting systems. They are shock resistant, and also react better to changes in temperature, weather conditions and repeated cycling. LED’s will better withstand the demands needed by a bulb placed in outdoor situations.

    LED lights are long lasting, energy efficient and among the safest lights

    LED lights are long-lasting, energy-efficient and among the safest lights on the market.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio keeps up with the ever-improving changes in LED outdoor lighting. Over the last few years LED has become more accessible in terms of affordability and availability. It is true LED costs a little more up-front than a typical lighting system but the money you save on energy usage and bulb replacement will enable you to recoup those initial costs quickly.

If you are ready to make a change for the better, an LED conversion may be the perfect fit for your outdoor lighting needs. So what are you waiting for? Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio and The Hill Country to learn more about LED conversion today. Call us at (210) 971-8759
Email: sanantonio@outdoorlights.com

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San Antonio architectural lighting – outdoor lighting at its best

San Antonio Architectural Lighting Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

San Antonio Architectural Lighting Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Here in San Antonio, we have such great architectural materials that we use for our home facades, in our landscaping, and in our outdoor structures. Stone, stucco, and even stamped concrete all have these fabulous subtle textures that make them rustic and unique.

San Antonio outdoor lighting - outdoor architectural lighting

San Antonio outdoor lighting - outdoor architectural lighting

One of my goals in lighting anything whether it’s a home, or pool, or garden or tree is to try to use the light to catch some of the texture of the item I’m illuminating. I always shake my head when I drive by a commercial sign that’s lit with a gargantuan spotlight that totally “blows out” the sign. You see these bright spots or hot spots where the reflection of the spot light off the item it’s illuminating is almost blinding.

Outdoor architectural and tree lighting in San Antonio

Outdoor architectural and tree lighting in San Antonio

Good outdoor lighting will allow you to appreciate the texture that you see during the day. Here are the attributes you want to look for in great outdoor lighting.

  1. Width
  2. Height
  3. Depth

This seems like such a simple formula – something like measuring a box. With your outdoor architectural lighting you want to achieve width. You want to make sure to illuminate the very far left end and the very far right end of the building or structure. You want the illuminated structure to represent itself, from a structure perspective, the same way it does during the day. Imagine looking at a house and the left and right sides of the house disappeared. That’s what you want to avoid by fully illuminating all the way to the far left and far right ends of the structure.


San Antonio architectural outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

San Antonio architectural outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

The idea of illuminating the full height of the structure is the same. Imagine looking a fabulous architectural structure with spires or turrets and not being able to see those in the evening. Whether the highest architectural detail of your home is a horizontal roofline or a nice mix of facades, you want to make sure that the height of your home doesn’t disappear into the darkness.


Based on some of the architectural materials we use often, some might present more of a challenge in terms of being able to see the subtle depth of the surface at night. For example, with stucco, this might not be possible. But, with stone and other great materials, our goal is to try to create a lighting situation where you can see and appreciate the depth of those textures with the outdoor lighting.

So, when evaluating outdoor lighting, make sure the lighting achieves width, height, and depth. All 3 are critical to good outdoor lighting.

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