The early bird gets the worm when it comes to the most convenient holiday outdoor lighting program in San Antonio!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives holiday lighting

Our holiday lighting designs are timeless and elegant.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio and the Hill Country is now taking appointments for our ultra-convenient holiday outdoor lighting program. We realize in the coming weeks many of you will be focused on celebrating that last hoorah of summer with a Labor Day barbecue, or planning a last-minute escape to the shore before the normal everyday routines of school and work become part of your routine. Before the hustle and bustle begins to take center stage, we urge you to make the one call that could take mounds of stress of you during the upcoming holiday season ahead. One call to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio to schedule your holiday outdoor lighting and your holiday lighting, from design to take down is once and done! Sound too good to be true? Just listen to what our holiday lighting program includes…

  • Design
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio pays close attention to every special lighting detail

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio pays close attention to every special lighting detail.

We custom design your lighting display just for you. Our design staff ensures your holiday lighting display is customized to suit both your taste and your home’s architecture. Our professional lighting designer will also upload an image of your home onto his/ her laptop computer. You and the designer will work side-by-side during an in-home design consultation to create just the right look for your home. Our design software lets you preview each lighting element in-place on the onscreen image of your home. You can change themes or elements with the click of a mouse. Choose from a wide variety of roofline lights, wall displays, 3-D yard displays, wreaths, garland and much more. Each of these elements is coordinated to create a stunning, unified lighting scheme that will illuminate your entire property.

  • Installation
San Antonio outdoor Christmas tree wrap lighting

San Antonio outdoor Christmas tree wrap lighting.

We professionally install your entire lighting display down to the last bulb. Risking life and limb on ladders and guessing whether your circuits can carry your loads is no way for you to enjoy the holidays. You will feel much more relaxed when you leave the installation of your outdoor holiday lighting to us. Our holiday lighting professionals will install every last one of your outdoor lights. You can count on your lights to be installed exactly the way you want them and when you want them with safety and beauty in mind. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio prides ourselves on neatness, punctuality and professionalism. You’ll never need (or want) to hang your own lights again!

  • Removal and Storage of your holiday lighting display
Icicle LED holiday lights by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

This home was decorated by using LED holiday lights.

We take down and store your lights for you. Cross the task of removing your holiday lighting off your list, after all, isn’t that the task no one ever looks forward to. Our professional installers are also available to remove your lights. A  crew will arrive by a pre-specified, mutually convenient date and take down every last holiday light. We’ll neatly and professionally organize your lights in boxes that we will store for you at our temperature controlled facility. You need never strain to lug out another ladder to take down your holiday lights. (Or risk any mishaps with aforementioned ladder.) Our trained team does it all. We pack your lights into organized boxes that make next year’s installation easy and efficient. Those boxes are stored in our clean, dry facilities – ready for us to pull out and deliver to you next season.   Just imagine the added storage space you will have by freeing up the room normally reserved for your holiday lighting display. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio and the Hill Country the possibilities are endless!

San Antonio Commercial Holiday Lighting with Incandescent Mini Lights

Our holiday lighting program is open to commercial customers too. Lighting will add holiday cheer and help increase revenue at your place of business during the holiday season!

It may seem early, but in the business of outdoor lighting, scheduling your outdoor holiday lighting before the first leaves of autumn fall will guarantee your outdoor holiday lighting is up and running right on time. This is especially important in your retail business when holiday lights and sound could mean the difference between capturing early holiday sales or not. We offer the widest selection of outdoor holiday lights around, everything from classic and elegant to unique and over the top designs.

OLP holiday lighting 013

Dont delay contact us today to create a stunning outdoor holiday lighting design for your home and landscape for the upcoming holiday season.

Our holiday outdoor lighting program is an ultra-convenient, ultra-beautiful way to take care of your holiday lighting needs. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio and the Hill Country’s holiday lighting program takes one of the most dreaded tasks of the year and makes it something to look forward to. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the season with family and friends. Bid farewell to the teetering ladder, tangled cords and headaches of installing your holiday lights, the frustration is absent and the hassle is gone.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio and the Hill Country today to learn more about our innovative holiday outdoor lighting program
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We can create a winter wonderland for you right here in Texas.

Check out our outdoor holiday lighting gallery located on our website for more holiday lighting inspiration today!

Tis’ the season to plan your San Antonio holiday outdoor lighting

lighted palm tree by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio

This lighted palm tree becomes the focal point of this San Antonio landscape during the holidays.

I was riding in the car the other day listening to the radio when a commercial came on that spoke of the day after Halloween as the beginning of the holiday season. I pondered on this statement for a moment, and came to the conclusion that for many of us our Christmas season does indeed begin the day after Halloween. Any retail establishment you visit the day after O’ Hallows Eve is stocked with holiday themed items and decorations. You have to wonder if a team of Santa’s elves were busy throughout Halloween night taking down the witches and pumpkins and replacing them with items trimmed in red, gold and green. These quick changes have become so commonplace that consumers are now accustomed to the quick shifts from one holiday to the next.  In years past the holiday season began the day after Thanksgiving, but in our world of “out with the old and in with the new” things have changed quite a bit. The point I am making is that the Christmas holidays are now upon us and now is a good time to start thinking about holiday decorating and all the things that make the holidays sparkle and shine.

San Antonio classic C9 Christmas lights

Our classic C9 holiday lights take you back to the magic of your childhood.

One of the most important elements of holiday decorating is holiday lighting. We use holiday lighting to trim the traditional family tree and wind white lights and garland around the mantels and staircases in our homes. Imagine having your home fully decorated for the season and you look out into your yard one evening and it is lifeless and dark. Outdoor holiday lighting is a great continuation of the festive decor you use indoors to signify the holiday. Outdoor holiday lighting will also make your landscape glow and delight not only your family and friends, but will put a smile on the face of each person that passes your home. If you are looking for a way to make your entire holiday display unified outdoor holiday lighting is the glue that holds the holidays together. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio can make sure your holiday lighting is right on time with your indoor holiday decorating. We not only have the area’s biggest selection of high-quality outdoor holiday lighting fixtures and elements, we also offer an innovative program that gives you convenience and value. Our outdoor holiday lighting program involves assistance designing your lights, ordering your lights, installation, removal and storing your lighting display in our temperature controlled warehouses. This means while you are busy making your interior festive, we can handle the outdoor holiday magic.

Snowfall lighting

Our newest introduction this season is snowfall lighting. This unique play on holiday tree lighting emulates the look of falling snow through a special lighting technique.

One great aspect of using outdoor holiday lighting is the choices available to create a theme that will suit your taste and complements your home and landscape. Traditional holiday lighting such as the super-efficient C9 lighting are reminiscent of a by-gone era. These are the lights that take us back to our childhoods in white, red and green. Using C9’s can deliver elegance through simplicity. We also specialize in lighted LED wreaths and garland for your outdoor display. Using lighted garland and wreaths can add that finishing touch to any outdoor display and helps integrate the cozy feel of the season.

holiday-install-1 Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio

Our trained and experienced installers take your holiday lighting display to new heights safely.

If your tastes lean more toward an elaborate display, we can quench that thirst as well. We offer holiday lighting that is unique and dramatic. Our newest tree lighting technique is called snow fall lighting which emulates the look of falling snow by using lighting. We also offer a whimsical selection of 3-dimensional lighted yard displays that can tell your favorite holiday story through lights. Roofline lighting has also become a hot commodity in outdoor holiday lighting and our selection of roofline lights ranges from traditional to themed roofline lights in a wide variety of shapes and colors with candy canes and snowflakes galore.

San Antonio lighted starbursts to light the path to your front door

These lighted starbursts will add whimsy every step that leads to your front door this holiday season.

The holidays are definitely a time of preparedness, from planning the perfect Christmas dinner menu for your family and friends to scheduling your consultation with us to take care of your holiday lighting. Now is the time to contact us to get the ball rolling and make this the most memorable holiday season ever.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio and The Hill Country today to learn more about our exclusive holiday lighting program and change the way you see your home and landscape for the holidays. Call for a free consultation today
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San Antonio tree lighting enhances the majesty of the tree in the landscape with exquisite tree lighting

Outdoor lighting Perspectives of San Antonio tree lighting

Trees native to San Antonio are made more gorgeous through expert tree lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio

Among the many other positive attributes associated with  living in beautiful San Antonio, residents can also add a stunning selection of native trees to the list. Trees such as the live oak, red oak, Texas laurel and mesquite trees are some of the most commonly seen trees within our San Antonio landscapes. Many residents also plant other beautiful trees that thrive in our warm climate such as palms and other foreign conifers. You may find yourself wondering how to create a focal point of interest in your landscape design by using these stunning tree specimens within the landscape, and the perfect enhancement for any stunning tree is the addition of tree lighting. Tree lighting is one of the most crucial elements we use in our landscape lighting designs to focus the individual beauty of a single tree, or multiples within a grouping of trees in order to showcase the haunting grace of the tree.

Outdoor lighting Perspectives of San Antonio tree lighting

Up lighting provides a way to enhance the haunting beauty of San Antonio's mesquite tree

Along with the ethereal beauty tree lighting can create within your landscape it can also serve other purposes other than those strictly for aesthetic value. Tree lighting can aid in safely illuminating a path or walkway for safer travel throughout the landscape at night. It can also help create a more secure setting for any outdoor activity, whether in the back yard or around the pool, lighting specific choice trees planted within your landscape will contribute to more outdoor light in order to take advantage of more night-time activities in a well-lit environment. Tree lighting can add ambiance and set the mood for your outdoor entertaining as well.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio uses many different techniques when lighting trees within the landscape. From the use of up lighting which is used to draw attention to the width, and height of the tree to make it appear to have even a larger presence and  appear more majestic within the landscape, to the use of magical moonlighting. Moonlighting is used to create a dreamy effect by casting light through the upper branches of a tree to cast a hauntingly beautiful glow on the area below. We also create memorable holiday lighting designs by using outdoor holiday outdoor tree lighting as well. From evergreens to palms with an island feel, we can light trees within your landscape to invite and welcome the holidays in style. Many of our holiday lighting designs are available in LED lighting which are economical to operate, and are eco-friendly making your holiday tree lighting choice as easy on the wallet as it is on the eyes!

Tree branches and trunks wrapped in festive lights.

Tree branches and trunks wrapped in festive lights is one way to add enchantment to your landscape for the holidays with tree lighting

This cord has actually grown into the tree, which leaves the tree damaged and vulnerable to disease and insects

Improper tree lighting installation techniques such as this can result in damage to the tree leaving it vulnerable to insects and disease, such as this cord which has actually grown into the tree.

When considering the use of tree lighting within your property it is important to use an outdoor lighting professional who is experienced in tree lighting. Tree lighting must be installed in a manner that does not harm the tree you are lighting. Inexperienced installers will sometimes damage the tree during the installation leaving the tree damaged and susceptible to disease and insects that can in some cases cause the tree to perish. Proper installation also means that wiring and cording is not left atop the ground in any manner which could be deemed unsafe of cause an accident. There is a great deal involved in having your tree lighted properly from trunk to branch and everywhere in between. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio treats each individual tree we light with the utmost caution and care, to keep it healthy and keep the surrounding area around your tree safe.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio to learn more about the art of tree lighting, for holiday and everyday. You can give us a call at  (830) 624 – 1300  or email us at

To see more images of tree lighting in the San Antonio area, visit our landscape lighting gallery located on our website.

lighted palm tree by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Home for the holidays with palm tree lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio