Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio looks ahead to the coming spring and focuses on the benefits of landscape and garden lighting

San Antonio TX  garden lighting in the rose garden

Landscape and garden lighting can extend the hours you can enjoy your garden.

After the holidays wind down many people set their sights on looking forward to not only the prospect of a new and improved year, but also a new spring. The appeal of springtime is universal whether you live in the far reaches of Alaska, or along the sunny shores of Hawaii. Spring signifies a renewal of the earth and presents us with a flurry of new colors to enjoy in our gardens and throughout our landscapes. San Antonio residents are lucky enough to experience the beauty of spring throughout the year, because of the absence of frigid temperatures and a constant warm climate. San Antonio’s average annual median temperature is about 70 degrees, perfect for planning and planting.¬† Spring is still a time when San Antonians cultivate and plan their gardens, borders and other additions to the landscape. With this in mind, planning on how to showcase those new plantings, as well as existing ones, is just as important a detail as deciding what shrubs and flowers to place in these areas.

San Antonio TX professional landscape and garden lighting

Landscape lighting enables you to enjoy areas within your landscape at night that were once only functional during the day.

The best way to amplify the beauty of your gardens and landscape is through the addition of outdoor lighting. If your garden and landscape plantings are easy on the eyes during the day, by adding garden and landscape lighting you can transform these areas into a magical space in the evening. Garden and landscape outdoor lighting is not only coveted for its aesthetic appeal but having a well-lit landscape will also enable you to take advantage of utilizing your property to its full advantage. Imagine being able to enjoy the beautiful fruits of your labor with no constraints in the beautiful rose garden that you worked so hard to cultivate. Imagine being able to play lawn games such as croquet, or horseshoes while hosting an evening barbecue for friends and family. The possibilities that professional garden and landscape lighting encompass are endless.

San Antonio tree lighting used in the landscape

The vibrant hues of this ornamental tree come to life under the spell of garden lighting.

A few of the endless benefits of landscape and garden lighting include…

  • ¬†Landscape and garden lighting adds value to your home and property while adding the finishing touch to your landscape design.
  • Adding garden and landscape lighting will give you the chance to show off your creativity
  • Adding accent lighting throughout the landscape, such as path lighting will make your yard safer for evening travel, while creating ambiance.
  • Adding landscape and garden lighting adds to your homes curb appeal.
  • Adding specialized landscape and garden lighting, such as tree lighting will add depth and mystery to your evening landscape.
  • Adding low-voltage landscape and garden lighting such as our LED lighting will save you money in operational costs. Low-voltage lighting consumes about 1/3 the electricity compared to traditional systems and is more environmentally sustainable from a “green” perspective.

    San Antonio TX Garden and landscape lighting includes statuary lighting

    From rose gardens, to statuary, our landscape and garden lighting brings your landscape to life in the evening.

If you are ready to begin planning new additions to your San Antonio garden and landscape don’t leave out the part that will make these areas the most memorable. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio and The Hill Country to discover the best kept secret to achieving the ultimate benefit from your evening landscape.
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