The seduction of professional pool lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio

pool lighting ethereal san antonio

This pool lighting creates an illusion of a lush lagoon.

I can’t think of any better way to work off the stresses of the world  during these dog days of summer than spending an evening by the pool. The allure of the water serves as a tranquil release from work, traffic, the kids and worrying about what to cook for dinner. The surrealism that a pool conveys can be relaxing and can tantalize your senses and transport you to a new plane. Your pool can become an even more powerful seduction to the senses with the addition of professional pool lighting. The way the light dances off the water can add a new facet of beauty to an already beautiful location. There are many lighting applications available to use in and around your pool or water feature that can add to the tranquility your pool promotes.

Unforgettable pool lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio

Unforgettable pool lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of San Antonio

Expertly designed pool lighting can make the difference between a pool with “just” lights and a pool and surrounding area that takes on a personality strong enough to change your mood. Pool lighting, especially for homeowners that use their pool in the evening is a necessity for safety’s sake, but pool lighting can be so much more than just a safety implement. Pool lighting can add depth and texture to the landscape, and create a focal point of elegance and beauty within your backyard.


Here is a detailed photo of a spool of LED ribbon lighting, used in pool and water feature lighting applications. It is submersible and promotes stunning effects.

We like to use many different lighting techniques to emphasize your pools beauty and create a breathtaking effect. In the areas surrounding your pool or water feature we use up lighting and down lighting to play off the architectural elements around your pool. We also use path lighting, and landscape  lighting as needed throughout the landscaped areas around the pool to create more drama and individuality. LED ribbon lighting is also used in the pool itself, which is fully submersible and can be used to accentuate eaves and ledges to illuminate the water. LED ribbon lighting emits an ethereal type of light that heightens the senses when used in conjunction with a flowing water feature such as a waterfall. LED ribbon lighting is completely hidden so the result is an even, balanced, soft and romantic illumination that is not overpowering.


LED ribbon lighting comes in color changing hues as well

Ribbon lighting is called such because the lighting comes in stripes with small LED diodes spaced evenly across the stripping, similar to a ribbon in its design. LED ribbon lighting is also easy on the pocketbook as well as on the eyes. LED’s as a whole are more energy-efficient and economical. LED lighting costs considerably less in energy costs than typical outdoor lights, and this combined with the type of light they emit, are cause for many homeowners to celebrate. This ribbon lighting is also available with color changing hues to use in a unique setting, or for a particular application.

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Water feature lighting in San Antonio


Waterfall lighting San Antonio

Waterfall lighting San Antonio


Beautiful water features need a couple of key ingredients besides water. They need a structure for the water to cascade down and they need texture which allows the water to make a beautiful sound as it trickles down. Therefore, natural rock and stone are wonderful components for natural water features.

In terms of lighting, daylight is an important component of a water feature but darkness is also important. Your water feature will look completely different and have a completely different effect during the day than it does at night. During the day, the water glistens and sparkles in the natural light. During the evening, we appreciate the way the water color seems so much darker and the way the water glistens in shades of blue and black and plum.

In order to see and appreciate our outdoor water features, we have to have some outdoor lighting. Lighting water features requires outdoor lighting expertise. The goal of good outdoor lighting is to create a soft, warm, and romantic effect. Good lighting experts will not “flood” an area with light. They will not throw a very bold “spot” of light on a particular area for emphasis. The goal is to gently bathe the desired illumination area.


Rock waterfall lighting San Antonio

Rock waterfall lighting San Antonio


Water lighting can be done for pools, waterfalls, and other water features. Give us a ring to come out and discuss your outdoor lighting goals with you. We do not charge for our on-site consultation. We come out at a convenient time for you and actually set up the lighting you would have. You essentially get to try it before you buy it.

Give us a ring for a free outdoor lighting demonstration at your home.

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